How to keep healthy teeth until old age

The older a person becomes, the more problems he has with his health. Unfortunately, teeth are no exception. In this article, we describe how you can keep your teeth healthy until old age.

  • Regularity of visiting the dentist

One thought about visiting a dentist leads practically all people to wild horror, because this fear lives in them since childhood. Times are changing, and since that time when you were that shy child, the dentistry industry has reached a new level. New methods of anesthesia, a new level of technology simply does not allow to recall that childish fear.

  • The dentist should be visited at least once a year, but it is better to do it more often

According to doctors, the emergence of caries process will take less than six months. Regularity of going to the dentist will help to eliminate the onset of the disease, keeping your financial purse in complete peace.

  • Regular brushing should be correct

Many people will say that this is a completely unnecessary waste of time. However, a thorough disposal of accumulated plaque and bacteria will perfectly help to prevent caries.

A daily two-time brushing with a toothbrush and paste also perfectly removes bad smell from the mouth, which is the consequence of pathogenic microbes. Obligatory cleaning after each meal is necessary, it is possible to replace it with a tooth rinse and to use toothpicks.

The cleaning technique remains standard for all times: the movements of the bristles must pass from the base to the tip of the tooth. The standard time for brushing your teeth should be at least five minutes. Excessive time can also harm the teeth by erasing the enamel.

  • Adequate selection of toothbrush and toothpaste

A necessary condition for a toothbrush is artificial bristles without pointed ends, having a smooth head, and most importantly, the choice of bristle stiffness should match the condition of your gums. The choice of a toothpaste should also take into account the condition of the gums and teeth. With high sensitivity of teeth, it is not necessary to choose a paste with whitening effect.

  • Cleaning the tongue and cheeks

Microbes accumulate not only on the teeth, they can be throughout the mouth, and especially in the tongue. To clean the tongue, special brushes will fit, or you can use an ordinary teaspoon, but in any case do not brush with a regular toothbrush. Replacement of toothbrushes should be done every three months.

  • Use of dental floss.

They are suitable for those whose teeth are completely uneven and there are curvatures of the bite, because for the toothbrush the lateral surfaces of the teeth, tightly pressed together, are not reachable.

  • Refusal of sugar and confectionery and various acids.

They are a favorable environment for the active reproduction of microbes.

  • Rational choice of food.

For any organism, optimal intake of minerals and vitamins, especially calcium, is important for the preservation of teeth. Regular consumption of dairy foods should enter into life for a permanent role.