WIAW: Out of Coffee

What do you call an over worked, under slept, never stopping woman who has run out of coffee and her fiance continues to pick a new pack up on his way home? If you guessed ALEXIS you are correct!

I have always prided myself on not needing coffee. I wake up before 5am, usually do some sort of workout (not intense just something to wake up), and cook breakfast, pack lunches and still able to watch something on NetFlix. All that is done before any coffee enters my body. However, just because I don’t need coffee to function normally, doesn’t mean I DON’T WANT IT!!!!!!! I like my routine  and this week it has been all sorts of off. We ran out of coffee on Sunday and Brian has successfully forgotten to pick any up from the store. Now I also blame myself because I should know better and just go myself, but I too forget after working all day.

So what is the solution? I have been stopping at Starbucks on my way to work but it is just not the same. I like Starbucks for my Friday treat (when I bring my own coconut milk) but just their  black coffee is not my favorite. I am a huge fan of Seattle’s Best and that is what is in our house all the time… well except for this week obviously.

So along with my week of being completely off starting early, I have not been taking many pictures of all my eats… I do a have a few of my favorites to share with you though.

Before you look through pictures I think you need to check out yesterdays post and the amazingly huge eggs I picked up this weekend… poor chickens.

Ok time for food…

Breakfast: I am so happy that I prepped a fritatta this weekend along with sweet potato hash browns. It has made mornings so much easier. However I do miss my sunny side up eggs.
Snack: Rice cake with Nuttzo peanut free nut butter, blueberries, and goji berries 
Snack: Stoneyfield yogurt topped with homemade granola
All of these eats have been on repeat. I am hoping once coffee makes its way back into my morning routine the rest of my day will be back on track haha.

What have you eaten on repeat this week?

Ciao and missing my Seattle’s best,


Terrific Tuesday: Giant Eggs and Blueberries

Happy Tuesday…

Confession: This was a Monday post but once I got started working I never got back to this… oops

Anyways: I had a great weekend but as always it was way to short. I made my weekly trip to the farm and picked up some of the biggest eggs I have ever seen. I personally felt bad for the chickens that had those.. OUCH!

CAM00490 (2)


I do have to admit I have become slightly obsessed with picking my own eggs and I don’t think I could ever go back to just buying them.

After the farm I headed over to Tom West Blueberries for the opening day of blueberry season! This could possible be my favorite part of the year down here.

 CAM00491 (3)

It may sound silly but being able to see how the food is produced and grown, being able to actually pick it with your own hands helps motivate me to stay on track. To take it even a step further…When I am encouraged to stay on track nutritionally it just gives me the extra push to work harder physically.

This is exactly the mindset I was in on leg day. I started with 5 sets of front squats and followed that up with 4 sets of back squats. That apparently was not enough squats because then I headed over to do some hack squats. ( If you click on the instagram to the right you can see the video I have of that exercise).

I have decdied to re-think my entire work out routine to help me acheive the result I want so we will see how that goes. Last week was the first week I started implanting these changes so hopefully the following weeks will become even more routine. Once I can get myself aclamated to the schedule I will let you know how it goes :o)

What changes have you made lately? Are they working?

I hope everyone is having a great week (surprisingly I AM!!!)

Ciao and Blueberries and eggs,


WIAW: Weekly favorites

I know that title is jumping the gun a bit since it is in fact only Wednesday. That being said, I am pretty sure these munchies are in fact the highlight of my week. It also helps that I prep some extras (not of all these) so I get to have multiple bites all week. SCORE!

So I am making today short and sweet…

Before you jump into my eats, if you need a good laugh check out my post from Monday to find out what happened to my entire weeks supply of my afternoon snack.

Now on to the eats…

Breakfast: Sunny Side up egg set atop a polenta served with fruit and bacon. Yummmm

Layered oats: This week I topped my layerd overnight oats with banana and apple. I posted the recipe last week, the toppings were much more inventive and you should totally check it out.

Snack: I whipped up some beet hummus this weekend and I am in love. It is even prettier when served with rainbow carrots.

Salad: I love huge salads! I think I am one of the few people that can eat most all veggies raw and without dressing. However, my homemade dressing is the perfect combo for this kale based salad.

Pizza: I freaking love pizza and I have no problem admitting it. I prefer to make my own and this is why. It is so much prettier and less greasy then the delivery or frozen pies. I do not like huge amounts of cheese on my pizza so this was perfect.

Dessert: A new recipe I have in the works for you all. These are blondies that are actually guilt free. I have posted “healthier” type blondies ( A LOOOONG TIME AGO) before made with cake mix but this one has no flour at all. Be on the look out for this, it has become a household favorite.

So there you have it, my favorites of the week!

What have you been loving lately?

Ciao and favorites,


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